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About the Distributor of A/C Re-New

Nu-Calgon has been the leader in North America for providing specialty chemicals to the air conditioning and refrigeration market for the past 60 years. As a residential contractor, you know that providing quality service and using quality products helps not only to keep your customers’ systems in peak condition, but keep your business in good-standing with the pool of potential customers.

Over the years, Nu-Calgon has focused its expertise on products for air conditioning applications, and A/C Re-New is no exception. A/C Re-New is an innovative lubricant that when added to an existing air conditioning system provides significant improvements in lubrication. This advanced lubrication provides:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduction in system noise
  • Extended equipment life
  • One-time treatment lasts a lifetime
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!

Nu-Calgon stands behind its products so when you recommend A/C Re-New for a home Air Conditioning System, you can be sure you’re recommending a product that is quality tested and will perform as stated – guaranteed.

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