How A/C Re-New Works

A/C Re-New improves the lubrication in the compressor of your air conditioner as well as the entire system's heat transfer capability so that it can blow colder air. Air conditioners with A/C Re-New will run less, save energy, last longer, and run quieter. With the cost of energy rising an average of 3% per year, doing what you can to improve your system’s efficiency is more important than ever! The video below demonstrates how A/C Re-New improves the efficiency of air conditioning systems.


Reduced Energy Consumption

With the cost of energy rising an average of 3% per year, reducing energy consumption can help save you money!

  • Reduce energy while the air conditioner is running.
  • Reduce consumption from decreased usage.
  • The hotter it gets, the more you save.

Tests conducted on systems which have had A/C Re~New installed have demonstrated that when the air conditioner is running, A/C Re-New can reduce the electricity needed by 10.8% on average. Installation tests also demonstrated that the temperature in air ducts was reduced by 2.7 degrees as compared to the air duct temperature prior to installation. This means that your air conditioner will run less while your house will cool more effectively, resulting in a 2-6% reduction in electricity use!

Lower Energy Bills

Actual installation tests have 2% decreased usage estimate, you could save:

  • $240 in the first year*
  • $1,200 after 5 years (with no increase in the cost of energy)*
  • $2,400 after 10 years (with no increase in the cost of energy)*

*These estimates are based on the following assumptions:
  2,200 square foot house
  Single 5 ton, 10 SEER, air conditioner
  10 hours a day run-time from March to October with no usuage from November to February

A Cooler Quieter Home

A/C Re-New makes your air conditioner run more efficiently, cooling your home better and making you more comfortable.

Do you feel that your house never really cools down during the summer?
Do you raise your thermostat during the summer to save money?
Have you ever been awakened by the noise of your air conditioner turning on?
Do you avoid areas of your home near where your air conditioner is installed because of noise?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, A/C Re-New is your answer! A/C Re-New has shown to lower the temperature of the air circulating in your home by an average of 2.7 degrees, reducing the noise by a full decibel. Whether you choose to lower your thermostat and consume the same amount of energy or leave the thermostat alone,and save energy, you will be cooler and more comfortable in your home!

Reduced Emissions

Never before has protecting the environment through reduced greenhouse gas emissions been this easy and affordable. Every kilowatt of electricity you save helps the environment. You could reduce your energy consumption by 1,700 KW in a year! Using the Department of Energy 2000 Census Data, energy use reduction of this amount can save:

  • Over 1 Ton of CO2 per year!
  • Over 10 pounds of SO2 per year.
  • Over 5 pounds of NO per year.

Prolonged A/C Life

Now more than ever, air conditioning systems are essential to daily life. A/C Re-New can help protect your investment by keeping your unit running smoothly for years. Whether you have a new unit or an older unit, A/C Re-New will help prolong the life of your air conditioner. A/C Re-New helps the entire system work more efficiently, resulting in:

  • Quieter system
  • Less friction
  • Better system performance
  • Cleaner system
  • Reduced stress on start-up
  • Less wear and tear
  • Lower energy use
  • Cooler and quieter
  • Fewer maintenance issues