Information for Homeowners

What is A/C Re-New?

A/C Re-New is a remarkable breakthrough in lubrication technology for residential and commercial air conditioning systems that dramatically improves the performance and efficiency of your unit. It is a synthetic oil that is injected into your air conditioner and mixes with the system's existing oil and refrigerant to reduce friction and wear in the compressor and to improve heat transfer.


Proven Technology

A/C Re-New is a proven, innovative technology developed by Shrieve Chemical Products, the leading manufacturer of refrigeration and air conditioning oils and lubricants in the industry. Shrieve completed an exhaustive research and development effort to create the underlying technology found in A/C Re~New. It was first applied to automotive air conditioning units as “ICE 32,” and subsequently to residential and commercial air conditioning systems as A/C Re-New. Some technological highlights include:

  • Developed by a former NASA scientist
  • Has been used in over a million automotive units
  • Patented
  • Passed extensive third-party testing
  • 5 years and multi-million dollar investment in research & development

How Does an Air Conditioner Work?

The goal of an air conditioner is to transfer heat from one place to another. In your home or business, heat inside is transferred outside. This is accomplished through the heating and cooling of a liquid, commonly referred to as a refrigerant, in air conditioning systems.

In your home, the air that needs to be cooled is blown across coils that contain the refrigerant. The refrigerant absorbs the heat from the air. The refrigerant then travels to the outdoor or condenser coil where the heat is released. Since the refrigerant absorbs the heat, the resulting air inside is cooler and less humid. This cooler air is then blown back through your house or building.

Ways to Improve Your Air Conditioner

One way to improve how well your air conditioner cools your home is to improve the refrigerant’s ability to absorb heat. The more heat it can absorb, the cooler the resulting air.

Another way to improve how well your air conditioner cools your home is to improve the equipment (the compressor) that pumps the refrigerant throughout the house and extracts the heat out of the refrigerant. The more efficient the equipment pumping the refrigerant and releasing the heat, the faster your house can cool, and less amount of energy it will take to do so.

For a more detailed explanation on how air conditioners work, please visit How Stuff Works: