Information for Commercial Contractors

In addition to residential systems, A/C Re-New works for commercial air conditioning systems. Rising operating cost due to increasing energy prices has been a major concern of businesses for several years. Since air conditioning and refrigeration can account for up to 60% of a company’s energy usage, doesn't it make sense to invest in a product to minimize energy consumption?

A/C Re-New will help you overcome increasing energy costs by reducing the energy consumption of your air conditioning equipment. In addition, A/C Re-New rejuvenates older equipment, restoring the system close to its original operating efficiency. This means commercial buildings will have longer lasting, more energy efficient air conditioning systems with the A/C Re-New treatment. Since a single A/C Re-New treatment last the lifetime of the compressor, commercial air conditioning systems will realize an attractive payback and high lifetime return on investment. A/C Re-New has been applied successfully to the following systems:

  • PTAC units
  • Split systems
  • Packaged units
  • Central systems
  • Chillers

A/C Re-New is an innovative lubricant that when added to an existing air conditioning system provides major improvements in lubrication, compressor wear and noise levels. This advanced lubrication provides major benefits to you:

  • Reduce the energy consumption of your equipment through more efficient compressor operation and decreased run time
  • Reduce unscheduled maintenance by improving seal integrity and lowering friction in compressor
  • Increase comfort
  • Provide quieter equipment operation
  • Reduce carbon footprint

Similar benefits can be achieved in refrigeration equipment, such as ice machines.