Restore Your Air Conditioning System

Rejuvenate your air conditioner! A 10-year-old system can be 20 to 30% less efficient than when it was new. A/C Re-New helps restore your air conditioner to its original state, saving you money every minute your air conditioner runs. It reduces costs with fewer operating hours and increased efficiency. A/C Re-New decreases friction within the compressor, silencing loud noises and reducing additional wear-and-tear on your system!

Improves Cooling

Helps your system provide cooler air by improving heat transfer. Same system, cooler air.

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Lowers Energy Bills

Better heat transfer and shorter run cycles
save you money!

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Quiets Noisy Compressors

Reduced friction between metal parts means less noise from compressors – reduces wear-and-tear, too!

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"Just want to touch base with you and give you an update on what’s going on with the A/C Re-New down here. The product’s ...Read More

Jim Hart - Hart Service - Tucson, AZ

"I put it in my own American Standard system. The results were impressive. Even though they were already very quiet, I still noticed a ...Read More

Ray - AirZone Systems - Scotsdale, AZ

I have owned and operated an HVAC company for over 25 years and believe that clients should receive more than their money’s worth on ...Read More

Ron McQuerry - McQuerry’s 24 Hour Heating & Air - Wildwood, MO

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Williams Briggs - High Caliber A/C - Mesa, AZ

I have used both Zerol Ice and A/C Re-New over a 20-year period. The first time was on my own home unit because ...Read More

Ben Richardson - Richardson HVAC - Glendale, AZ

This stuff works! I have used A/C Re-New several times on noisy compressors and sticking TEV metering devices. Results are almost instant! I

Benjamin Goff - Atlas Air Conditioning Company, LLC - Pensacola, FL

“Compressors are less noisy. We love your product. Customers are very receptive. A professional product I put into my own system.”

Gary Frantz - State Automatic - Batavia, IL

"8 months ago I purchased a can of A/C Re-New to install in my home a/c unit. I must admit I had my doubts, ...Read More

James H. Jager